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Top Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with LED mood lighting

Underfloor Heating

There’s nothing as uninviting as a cold bathroom floor, especially in downstairs rooms with ceramic floors. Well, there’s no need to suffer the early morning chills any longer with underfloor heating. Available in two types – wet and dry, underfloor heating for your bathroom can be a cost-effective as well as luxurious way to heat your bathroom. While wet types generally rely on inbuilt pipework underneath the substrate, connected toy our central heating system, dry types are much more cost-effective solutions, using electrical heating elements placed under the floor.

Mood Lighting

All too often we neglect the importance of lighting in our bathrooms. Rather than the standard single ceiling light why not consider recessed down-lighters – available as LED options for best safety, these units create a modern, atmospheric lighting for your bathroom. It is also worth considering an illuminated bathroom mirror – this stylish designer feature will wow guests and the extra light is invaluable for essential grooming tasks.

Extravagant Tiles

Turn your bathroom from a functional white space into a high-end luxury paradise with designer tiles. Choose bold patterned tiles for the floor, partnered with white metro-style wall tiles, or break up standard tiling with mosaic and border tiles. Available in a wide range of styles, stone or brick effect, mirrored or coloured glass, the choices are endless and the limit only your imagination. Ensure your bathroom stands out as an individual space with your choices.

Solid Surfaces

The traditional pedestal wash basin has been superseded in recent years by solid worktop units with built-in sinks and storage. You will find the additional space this design offers invaluable, and find much more flexibility in your choice of basins – which are available in a wide range of styles from ovals to curves, to rectangular units, which easily drop into the counter-top.

Built-in Storage

Make use of recesses and awkward corner space in your bathroom with built in storage. Open shelving units look stylish and provide convenient places to keep towels and other bathroom accessories. Also, consider built-in bathroom cabinets for your medicines and toiletries. Mirrored door fronts are always worth considering in your bathroom and are available in different formats to suit, from metallic units to wooden paneled doors with mirrored features.

Flooring Solutions

There is no need to settle for linoleum as the flooring cover of choice in your bathroom. Consider poured resin or concrete for wet-rooms. For a more natural look, wooden floors and Parquet can be a great choice if properly treated against damp. Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of different textures and aesthetic, and why not match your floor and wall tiling for a seamless look? Laminate textured flooring is another option if you are looking to create a high-end look on a budget.

A Large Soaking Tub

There is nothing more luxurious than a soak in the tub. It is often worth pre-planning your bath choice as early as possible in a house redesign as its location and the space required can dictate your other layout choices. If the room is big enough then a free-standing, rolled-top bath can act as the focal point for your bathroom, particularly prevalent in Heritage style designs thanks to the popularity of period dramas such as Downton Abbey. If space and design permit, also consider a recessed, in-built bath – commonly available as either an inset or under mount design, these great tubs can be built into custom-made decks or even installed beneath the level of the floor.

Power Shower

We have all experienced the unsatisfying dribble of a weak shower, so plan ahead to get a shower that will invigorate your mind, body and soul. Planning ahead can be critical as Power Showers are often fed from specific types of water and central heating systems. Particularly, it may be difficult to install a Power Shower in areas with low water pressure or where hot water is heated in real time, as with a Combi boiler. A shower pump can often be installed beneath the floor or in your airing cupboard for relatively little cost. Combine your new Power Shower with a luxurious wide pan shower head for that 5-Star Luxury Hotel experience.

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